Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps  

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps have no metal-to-metal contact
and are superior for soft solids, and fluid or vapor recovery systems

Vmax Vacuum Pump Systems
Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Skids
  • Featuring the Titan Series , liquid ring workhorse vacuum pump
  • Capacities of 35 - 5,400 CFM.  VFD Controls available
  • Compact / Standard & Medical skid designs
  • Complete plug n' play package for quick installation
  • Designed for Hospitals, Laboratories & Medical Field

Dekker Rental & Leasing Program
 Go From Production Standstill to Production Standout
  • Rent or Lease through Factory from Factory Stock systems
  • Available in DuraVane, HullVac & Vmax Series
  • Saves money vs. Lost production and downtime
  • Immediate access to Dekker's GOLD standard product line
  • For more information, contact us at 800-523-9998